counseling and coaching

Your Relationship Expert

As a relationship expert, Yvonne offers a no-nonsense approach to breaking down relationship barriers to get to the root of the issues. She believes that having a strong sense of personal responsibility is key to promoting healthy relationships.  The open and honest conversations Yvonne has with her clients  supports them in achieving their goals and in creating the relationship and life they want.  Yvonne understands that her clients are busy and are looking for lasting results. Utilizing short term, solution focused therapy and/or coaching, Yvonne is known for moving her clients forward quickly.

Individual Counseling

When you make the decision to make a change in yourself, you make a decision to look at the whole picture. Yvonne works with her clients to dig deep into their lifestyle to gain insight into their habits and choices that have led them to their current circumstances.  Accepting personal responsibility is key to propelling clients to enjoy the life they have always wanted.

Lifestyle Coach

Ever wanted to have someone by your side to hold you accountable for your goals?  Need an extra push to get you to the life you’ve always wanted? Yvonne’s no-nonsense style is exactly what you need to find your motivation and move from having a mundane life to a life by design. Yvonne is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and she teaches her clients these skills to help change the thought processes that are holding them back.  Yvonne will be your personal accountability guru!

Online Coaching

Yvonne knows that her clients are busy and can’t always make time to drive to appointments.  Therefore she offers online sessions as well as phone sessions. Whether you’re looking for relationship coaching, help with goal setting, motivational coaching, or parenting coaching, you’ll find support in your quest to define and achieve your goals.

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