One of the most amazing aspects of myself that I discovered on my journey through my professional career is that I love the microphone, and the microphone loves me!   I have been a guest on the Dr. Elizabeth King show as well as the Lipstick Attitude Facebook live show.  I have presented for the county of Palm Beach, Business Networking International, The Make a Wish Foundation and the Broward County School Board.  However, I am most recognized for moderating “The Men in the Hot Seat” panel for the Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick Conferences.  I am known for my off the cuff remarks and humor while delivering powerful tidbits of information.  I am available to speak at your events, but fair warning: my style has some edge.

Speaker Rate Sheet

Check out some examples in the following “Dr. King’s Lipstick Attitude” Facebook Live links:

Here’s a video from SSL’s 2016 annual conference:

Watch me being interviewed as part of a piece by Lauren Pastrana of CBS Miami in 2015.

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