Life Transitions

I had almost given up on therapy but a friend that urged me to meet with Yvonne so I reluctantly scheduled an appointment. I was going to see Yvonne for my struggles with eating disorders and body image. I did not intend to share my darkest secrets with her. I was going to withhold that I hated my job, I had financial struggles, a controlling mother, and a husband that was an addict. Yvonne in our very first session somehow very effortlessly but gently excavated the truth. I was determined not to disclose certain issues to her and yet somehow she knew that being overweight was attributed to something greater. After our first session, I not only wanted to continue seeing her but I desperately needed to. My husband had a 16-year-old child from his previous marriage. His ex-wife lost her battle with cancer and in the time to come my husband would lose his own life to health issues related to his addictions. Not only did I become a widow and a stepmother I also became a single mother in what seemed overnight. Yvonne helped me with my guilt, despair, grief and sorrow, but she also gave me parenting tools on not only how to cope with a teenager but one who has experienced such immense trauma. Consequently, Yvonne also treats my daughter, and I cannot say enough how much the experience has helped her heal and given her self-esteem. Since seeing Yvonne I have had incredible challenges of which she has been my unyielding, non-judgmental support.

I have also experienced some great milestones as well and she has been there every step of the way to celebrate my victories. I completed both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in a very short time. I lost over fifty pounds and counting. Yvonne has me on a financial budget and even taking strides towards starting my own business. I know without a doubt that I could not have had any of these breakthroughs without her assistance. She has shared unfiltered sometimes-hard truths but she has also been my greatest encourager. Yvonne is a genius. I work in Academia and am surrounded by many intelligent people, but I can honestly say that Yvonne has profound wisdom beyond anyone I know.

Besides this, she is just not your typical clinician. She is downright cool and relatable, which is why she has been able to get to the core of me where others have failed. She is the real deal. I trust her and coming from a place where I have not been able to trust many this has been life altering. When I am in her presence, I know that I am with a good soul that not only is an expert in her field but that genuinely wants the best for me and wants me to succeed. Although she will never give herself credit, I know God has used her as an instrument in my life not only for mental health but also on my search to finding myself and my life’s purpose.

Committed to Results

Yvonne Haase is the epitome of efficient and effective. Her no-nonsense approach to generating results sets her apart from others in her field. She works to get you to make it happen and get it done, so you are able to be the best “you” possible. Yvonne pushes you to overcome your circumstances to be more productive and become more successful at whichever part of your life is of focus. She is beyond excellent, and I will continue to seek her support and encourage others who are committed to results to do the same.

Empowered Journey

I am so grateful to Yvonne for helping my husband and I go through our roller coaster IVF journey. Our marriage was extremely strained from the stress of IVF, and I was crushed by the diagnoses of DOR (diminished ovarian reserve) and male factor (low sperm count, morphology and motility). Yvonne with her caring yet straightforward way and brilliant insights helped me attain a positive inner dialogue and communication with my husband as well as be empowered to keep moving forward on our IVF journey. Now we have a strong marriage and we are expecting our twins!

Unified Strength

My wife and I were struggling with infertility when we started our sessions with Yvonne. She leads the sessions in a conversational context that allows you to feel you are able to talk with someone who is engaged and caring. In a non judgmental way she used our differences in perspective to forge the unified strength that we needed to deal with the IVF challenges. We are so grateful that we know her!