The Best Time to Start

Fresh StartI think that most people love a fresh start, a Monday, the New Year, tomorrow morning.  We like the idea of getting to start something new, a chance to reinvent ourselves, the opportunity to make a change in our health and in our minds.  So what happens on that Monday that causes us to crash and burn rather than taking on this new endeavor???  It’s pretty simple, we didn’t start at the right time.  We are programmed to pick days that we have been taught are good times to “start anew.”

So when is the best time to start?  Here is what I tell my clients, the time to start something is moment you have the idea to make the change.  For example, if they have decided to change the way they eat, I tell them to implement the change in the very next meal they eat.  Why? Because we have the energy to implement the change right then and there!  When we put off until tomorrow, what we could have done today (a theory I refuses to subscribe to), you lose your motivation, and you are more susceptible to unforeseen events of the day.

There will always be reasons to put things off: holidays, the kids, work, and life responsibilities, the list foes on… If we continue down this path of excuses and delayed start days, we end up never making the change.  What happens when we don’t make the change?  We beat ourselves up mentally which causes us to now find even more excuses to stay stuck!

Your start day and mine may be different, but in the end it is still the perfect day to start!  Ready to get off the hamster wheel? Your time is now!

Happy changing!