‘Tis the Season to Clean!

Spring is definitely in the air!

I am a lover of all the seasons, and even though here in sunny South Florida, we don’t actually see too much of a change in the seasons, I still definitely find something to love about each of them. I love the laziness of summer, the new beginning of fall, the coziness and the holidays of winter, and in the spring, I LOVE spring cleaning! Of course I know that the idea of cleaning does not appeal to everyone, and honestly the thought of mops and dust rags does not excite me, but the idea of getting rid of what keeps us weighed down thrills me!

So many of my clients in both my therapy and coaching practice are weighed down by the piles on their desk, the old junk in their closets, and the jumble of thoughts in their head. Yes, I understand that we “love our stuff,” and that most of us are very attached to our stuff; but have you ever stopped to wonder whether this attachment to our stuff and our clutter may be cluttering our minds as well?

How exactly is our stuff related to our thoughts? Well, believe it or not, disorganized stuff is the sign of a disorganized mind.

Let’s take our desk for example. We often throw stuff on our desk with the thought that we will “deal with it later.” However, because that stuff is under a pile of other stuff we think we will eventually get to, we lose track of the original task. Once we lose track of a task, our mind starts to scramble to remember things we were supposed to do, thereby creating more jumbled thoughts! We can take the example of the desk and apply it our junk drawer, our closets, the garage, the coffee table, etc. The more we look around at clutter, the more cluttered our thoughts become – and vice versa!  

There is a way off this hamster wheel; it’s time for spring cleaning. I know it can seem overwhelming, but take small sections at a time. Dedicate time to one specific area and clean out what isn’t needed and organize the disorganized!

The end result is not only a tidy home and office, but also changed pathways in the brain that clear up space for new thoughts and more organized decisions.

Until next time, happy cleaning!