Who’s holding your feet to the fire?

As we approach the middle of this month of change, where do you stand with your resolutions?  If you are like most people, you gave up on them and all the enthusiasm that went along with them at least a week ago.  In fact, only 8% of people keep their resolutions.  That means 92% of us fail!  So what does that mean?  Yes, it means that many of us gave up on our goals of losing weight or getting fit, many of us did not give up smoking or take control of our health, or many of us have not taken our business to the next level; but it also means that 8% of the population have the secret to success!

Want to be able to rock your resolutions?  In order to do that, I have a simple question for you: Who holds your feet to the fire?  If your answer is “I DO,” then my next question is: Are you in the 8%?  If you’re not in the 8%, then chances are you don’t have the right accountability coach.  That’s right, most people who rock their resolutions have someone else involved who holds them accountable.  Why? Because they know that as people we will do more for someone else than we will do for ourselves.  Sounds counter-intuitive, but it is true!

When clients come in for coaching, I often hear them say, “I didn’t feel like getting up and accomplishing my goals for the day, but I didn’t want to face you today and admit I didn’t do it!”  In the beginning they are focused on what I will think about their failures and successes, but toward the end they feel a shift in their focus.  

So how do you hire an accountability coach?  Read their articles and see if their message rings true for you.  Follow their social media to get a sense of their style.  Make an appointment to see how you feel in the session.  Note that you should feel somewhat pressed to look at your beliefs and behaviors without feeling guilt or shame for them.  Every coach has their own style, and not everyone’s style will work for you.  

If you don’t think you need a coach to be successful, I would like to remind you that Oprah has 4 coaches!

So, who’s holding your feet to the fire?